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PorE. J. Asso

Leading Social by Jamie White

The social media is  very important for a business.


In this podcast we can follow the way of an entrepreneur that explains how is Ireland in this field. 

As a part of  a strategy in a company, digital marketing can improve sells to get new clients and increase the margin per operation.

Brian Purcell speaks to Jamie White.

The young entrepreneur who dropped out of college to pursue his dreams of business success.

“Social media gives businesses a personality and it’s all about personality. What works for one brand won’t work for another. Being on social media is like being with your mates in a pub. Make it relevant, not cringy.” Jamie said.

His opinion in few words.

Full interview with general examples and experiences.

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PorE. J. Asso

All in one, professional services

Web services for a company is the most important part to introduce into the market. Many companies search for specialists to ask for help, advice and ways to use the internet .

Many companies search specialists to ask help, advice and internet ways. Main companies looking for professional consultant to do digital marketing and support to sale team.

So many tools to develop a strategy :

Web and landing pages
Social Media
Social CRM

Each above part is a specific tool and there are a lot of suppliers to choose services around that.

This is the reason that our proposal make sense.

Get on simplicity and acumen.

All in one, this is our value.

More than do is to think and choose for your needs .

Our expertise is for our clients.

We resolve problems on web and improve its presence on web for years for our clients.

Who are we ?

We are a team that along years work in London – Zaragoza and now in New Ross, Ireland.

Our people stick to technology path for years and moving among it to get the best solution to be in the web in any moment.

The technology web is not the same for a consumer or a teenager than a company, it make sense for instance view and manner changes when use technology marketing in company around your business.

Our expertise is for more of 15th years working in this business and following trends and tools, platforms and services web.

Our implement examples are extended in different fields and topics.

All you need, all your company need , in one speak .

Then in one hand to do and making as your business need it.

Any needs in one hand and one price to implement your digital marketing.

One price covers all needs. Sounds cool ! See it in the link


PorE. J. Asso

You must do it !

Pass the exam ?

The first factor was what the respondents referred to as the “honesty factor”, that is the consultant’s willingness “to speak the truth”, rather than mask their views regarding the current and future position of the business. The second factor on which
the client’s based their notions of trust was the “confidentiality factor”. This was described as the ability of the consultant to protect the commercial sensitivity of the information they gained in the course of the project.

This tacit agreement appears to have been perceived as binding on both parties and is largely moral in nature and not governed by any formal contract. One respondent in the study made reference to a “bargain” between her and the consultant, an arrangement in which she felt” … expected to complete tasks” such as gathering information relevant to the consultants next visit whilst also having expectations of the consultant such as ” … turning up on time”. The importance of this tacit agreement lies in its role to set parameters for the expectations of the behaviour of both parties during the course of the consultancy. Additional research into the nature of this tacit agreement and its influence on the level of co-operation between a consultant and client appears

Clients “trusted” a consultant’s recommendation on the basis of their expectation of gaining a benefit for the business from the recommendation against the risk of financial loss from implementing the recommendation. Most importantly, for a consultant’s recommendations to be adopted by a client it appeared necessary for a client to have both trust in the consultant as a person as well as trust in the specific recommendation.

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PorE. J. Asso

Barcelona does no hate! Thanks for your support and warming oppinion

We offer the nice comment from Kilkenny Radio (KCLR) at morning 18th august 2017. As Spanish we are very proud for this words.

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Five terrorists wearing fake suicide belts have been shot dead by police after ramming civilians with a car in a Spanish seaside town in a second vehicle attack, as police named a man being hunted as the suspected Barcelona van driver.

One woman died and six other people, including a police officer, were injured in Cambrils – hours after a rampaging van driver left 13 people dead and more than 100 wounded around 70 miles away in Barcelona.

Police have named the suspected Barcelona van driver they are hunting as 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir. He is the brother of Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan who is alleged to have rented the vehicle.

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PorE. J. Asso

CECO – ICEX knowledge InCompany

What is a CECO – ICEX Degree ?

As a public foundation, it has amongst its trustees the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, the ICEX, Institute of Foreign Trade, and the Advisory Board of the Chambers of Commerce. Other institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, universities, business confederations, exporters associations, consultancies etc…. are in close contact with the ICEX-CECO foundation and constantly collaborating on the development of mutually beneficial programs and activities.

Since its beginning, ICEX-CECO has trained more than 20,000 alumni and continues to train leading professionals for the economic and commercial administration both in the public sector and in companies. Only in the last year ICEX-CECO has given more than 9,000 contact hours to more than 2,000 alumni.

During these years our internationalization program students have integrated as top executives in the most active international Spanish companies. Likewise foreign students proceeding from over 70 countries, mainly developing countries or those recently incorporated into global economy, which share an interest in the Spanish internationalization experience.
Rigour and Innovation

ICEX-CECO programs are known for their academic standards and their innovating and avant-gard syllabus, adapted always to the new dynamic demands in training. ICEX-CECO methodology is fundamentally practical and participative involving its students in authentic case study analysis and the development of internationalization company projects.

ICEX-CECO´s objective is not simply to transmit knowledge, but to enable its students to develop their own personal and interpersonal skills.

To this end, teaching methods are based on an efficient combination of theory and practice thus preparing its students for effective decision-making throughout their lives. The teaching process involves an active participation on behalf of the student acquiring thus the techniques, skills and strategies later to be applied in their future job positions.

ICEX-CECO programs are constantly expanding to different fields and in particular to all subjects related to business internationalization and international economy.

As a consequence the scope of its offer is also expanding, result of a constant search for convergence between its programs and the specific needs of companies and institutions, needs which are deeply analyzed in order to offer them efficient and effective solutions and always under a rigorous quality control system.

E.J. Asso is a Ceco Degree Técnico Import-Expor By CECO
See C.V.

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PorE. J. Asso

Spain is quite a price sensitive market in comparison to Ireland

Interesting interview with Kate Lyons Market Executive at Enterprise Ireland Madrid – Where innovation means business.

How big is the Irish presence there, which companies are doing well?

The Irish presence in Spain is growing, and more and more companies are seeing Spain as a target market. Many companies are looking outside of the UK to diversify their exports and many are looking within Europe to do so. Although it presents its own challenges, the Spanish market can be a huge opportunity for Irish clients with well-defined product offerings and a clear value proposition. Of course, you can’t mention them all and without singling out any in particular, some of the companies doing brilliantly here are Ding, Cartrawler and Portwest. Ding is an online mobile phone top up service that enables individuals living or working abroad to instantly top up the mobile phones of family and friends back home and has been very successful both globally and in the Spanish market. Cartrawler is a travel technology platform that connects customers of OTA’s or airlines for example, with car rental, rail connections and private transfers. Portwest designs, manufactures and supplies safety workwear and protective clothing with an extensive product range. All three have a large global presence and have been doing really well in the Spanish market. They are also all very different which showcases the wide range of companies across a variety of sectors doing well in their fields here.

What are the particular challenges of doing business here?

Spain is quite a price sensitive market in comparison to Ireland and Spain hasn’t yet emerged totally from the crisis however the economy is recovering. Unemployment levels remain high at around 19% and youth unemployment in particular is extremely high. However having said that, there are opportunities in Spain for Irish companies, as our client companies are proving every day. The Spanish and Irish tend to get on well and for Irish companies offering high quality innovative products and services, Spain is an attractive market.

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Why Irish companies are doing well in Spain, business opportunities and insights with Kate Lyons, Enterprise Ireland Madrid

By @SimonCocking.

PorE. J. Asso

What is Spain to do business ?

Spanish imports represent 1.9% of total global imports which totaled $16.473 trillion one year prior in 2015.

From a continental perspective, 65.2% of Spain’s total imports by value in 2016 were purchased from European countries. Asian trade partners supplied 18.4% of import sales to Spain while 7.1% worth originated from African exporters. At 5.3%, North America accounted for a smaller percentage of Spain’s total imports.

Given Spain ‘s population of 48.6 million people, its total $309.6 billion in 2016 imports translates to roughly $6,400 in yearly product demand from every person in the country.

Country-specific trade deficits indicate Spain’s competitive disadvantages and areas which foreign businesses can and do exploit. Spain accumulated the world’s ninth-biggest trade deficit during 2014.

Spain’s trade deficit in 2014 shrank by 53.3% since 2010 when its negative balance was -$69.3 billion.


Spain’s Top 10 Imports

International Sales Opportunities for Exports to Spain

PorE. J. Asso

Spanish wine in Ireland

When Spanish coming to Ireland.

They see all bottles with good opportunities to drink quality wines. Yes it is true, bad wines expensive and cheap wines those are great.

No body imagine this situation from Spain.

If you like to be a good professional  to buy quality wine. Ask us to help you, in your parties, in your business, in your company.

Contact us mobile number 089 95 464 85

More information on

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PorE. J. Asso

Inglés en Irlanda – English in Ireland

Podcasting by On Air Ediciones for

As each group finished its two week programme, students completed a written evaluation. This provides us with valuable feedback which we use to improve the programme each year. Here is an assortment of student comments.
“I think this has been the best English course of my life; I have been to courses in London, Scotland and Malta”.
“I loved watching the film Monster’s inc and being able to understand it in English.”
Doing blogs is a very good idea. It helped me use the computer menus in English and improved my writing skills”.
“In this two weeks I had a lot of fun in Ireland and I want to return next year. School is very good and my English has improved a lot”
“The English teachers are fantastic!”
“Thanks for this opportunity. I love you!!!”
“Writing blogs is so coooool!”
I loved the treasure hunt to Waterford city. We learned to read signs and we got to talk to real Irish people”.
“The best thing for me was the treasure hunt. It helped me for situations which happen during other holidays , for example asking for information from people.”
“I want to say that this thing has been beautiful and I want to come back”
“ The programme is very well organised and the teaching is brilliant”.
“I love singing funny Irish songs”
“I enjoyed speaking English and learning new vocabulary. This course has helped me very much”.
“ I can’t believe we read a novel in English.!I did not know the author of Dracula was Irish. I loved it”.
“It was so much fun. I loved modern fairy tales – we laughed a lot”.
“I loved the logical games we played. We had to talk and think in English. I want **** to be my teacher in Rome!”


PorE. J. Asso

Partner from 2008

GeoXfere recognise that readily accessible information and the dissemination of this information throughout the organisation is critical for the proper functioning and optimisation of available resources within the operations departments of companies with mobile workforces and mobile assets. GeoXfere brings the control and access of the office to members of the mobile workforce e.g. drivers, field engineers, sales people etc.

Enabling your work force to have anytime, anywhere access to vital information in real-time with all the operational efficiencies and control of an office environment without the need to being restricted to one physical location.

GeoXfere has transformed this vision into reality. GeoXfere solutions are based on platform independent software that can be run on any device, PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and that use the communication medium of the latest transmission technologies (GSM/GPRS) to transfer and update data and information.

The mobile workforce can be contacted 24 x 7 and likewise they have real-time access to the latest delivery information, inventory levels, pricing, manifests, order information, customer data.The mobile work force can also update in real-time in-house order and delivery management systems with new orders, proof of deliveries, signed work orders and receipt/delivery confirmation.

GeoXfere has implemented real-time messaging and chat solutions that enable office personnel to communicate cost efficiently and effectively with the mobile workforce, an example of this is where our instant messaging application can be used to inform drivers of new deliveries and for the driver to confirm acknowledgement, this negates the need to constantly ring the driver and inform of updates. This reduces telecom costs substantially.

The benefits of GeoXfere’s Solutions are:

24 hours secure online access to all relevant in-house systems and applications (e-mail, delivery information, prices, order information etc).
Access to web enabled mapping software that displays visually on a map the location and status of all company vehicles.
Orders can be updated in real-time, negating the need for manual order entry and delay in delivery.
Delivery confirmation (POD’s) can be electronically signed and updated to accounting and delivery systems in real-time, reducing significantly the order-delivery-payment cycle.
Greater control and access to all documents.
Many users can access the system simultaneously and all changes and updates are done instantaneously through the real-time notification and synchronisation capability of GeoXfere’s solutions.
All data is backed up as often as is required, ensuring no loss of critical operation essential data.
Significant cost savings and productivity improvements can be made by the improved mobility of workforce and utilisation of mobile assets.
Improved customer responsiveness.
Bridging gap between office and mobile workforce.
Extending operational efficiencies of office to the mobile workplace.
Access can be restricted to the specific access privileges of the user.