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With us you can know true and false of these sentences.

Do business is to follow the clue not all complete scene on crime


1. There’s people arriving late and there’s punctual people. We tend not to be very strict on rules, so arriving once 10 minutes late wouldn’t be considered “to be late” or impolite. You shouldn’t find problems there.

2. Siesta. No siesta. Never. The siesta was when working the fields on Andalucia in summer with 40 degrees Celsius at 3pm. Of course this doesn’t apply to IT and you will find no one asking you for that kind of thing. It is expected to have a lunch break of 30 minutes to 1 hour for lunch between 1pm to 3pm.

3. For starting to work 8:30 is quite normal. Some companies offer flexible starting time between 7-10 am.

4. We speak louder than, let’s say, French people. But that’s just the tone of voice, the language and the culture. We are not shouting around (and it will depend on the individual, like point 1)

5. Probably not, since the unemployment is so high. You say “high monthly social “fee” even if you don’t invoice anything?”. Yes, this is totally true.

6. Yes. A lot of bureaucracy and unfriendly public servants. But I can’t talk from personal experience here regarding the opening of a business.

7. No clue

8. We like expats. It’s exotic. We distinguish between nationalities and we will apply sterotypes, but people will be friendly and happy to talk to you.

9. It might be. It’s hard to tell.

10. It depends on your target population. Young people (20-30) will be happy to buy online, but you will need to build trust at the beginning. To offer the option of paying when receiving the goods (even at a cost for the customer) is advisable.

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